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New Novel Sample Chapter

This is a sample chapter of my new novel. 


Are we clear’, as voice asked from out of nowhere , and which has no clear source. It paused for only a moment and then asked ‘You know what you have to do, and I don’t need to remind you?’ There are two shadowy figure, who are trying to keep out of sight, and trying to have a secret meeting in an empty and abandoned warehouse that no one ever visits. The one who had been talking so far and who asked several questions stepped forward, into a patch of light, that was being cast from a nearby candle. As she did this the one that she was talking to did the same, and let her face be seen. Both women stood there for a moment trying to judge the other and see how trustworthy they might be. Neither of them would trust the other and with good reason , but they had to work together and had a job do to. The figure who had as of yet had not responded looked at the woman who had spoken and said ‘Yes, Mab, we are clear and  I know what to do.’ Mab simply stared for a moment and then said ‘Tell me Nimue,  and let me hear it so that I know that we both understand what needs to happen, and what you will be doing.’ Nimue thought for a moment and then said in a emotionless voice ‘You want me to take out the Elder of the High Council, and make sure he is no longer a threat to you.’ Mab smiled which , which was little hard to see in the dim light,  as she said ‘Exactly! He needs to die and I don’t care how you do it so long as it gets done and he is killed.’ Nimue seemed not to be bothered by the fact that she was being asked to kill as she knew this is what the mission entailed and so it would be done. Mab added ‘Oh and by the way he is a lecherous one , so if you try to seduce him it should work as he will fall for anyone who flirts with him so long as they are good looking. Show him a hint of cleavage and he will be ours.’ Nimue took this in and thought it might be a comment on her looks, but did not say anything about it. After a moment she said ‘I will do my best, and if you think this is the right way to do then I will.’

Nimue took a moment and then asked ‘Are you really going to have me do this? Are you actually going to betray the High Council, and use me as the means to do it?’ Mab did not even think about this as she smiled and said ‘Of course , for power and what I will get out of it, I have no issue taking down a few old men, and destroying their power.’ Nimue was not surprise by this and knew that Mab was capable of this. Mab replied ‘What about you, can you actually do it and will you?’ Nimue grinned and said ‘For the power and money you are offering me, I would do it without a second thought. You have offered to make me your almost your equal, and  second in command of all that we will control.’ Mab overlooked this comment as she actually had no desire to share power but would not tell that to Nimue. She said ‘I would lead better then the High Council and  plan to do just that. They are all old, weak and have had a hold on power for too long. I will change all of that and I will be the new Leader that all will follow.’ Nimue liked the sound of this and asked ‘What about me? Where do I fit in? You offered me power almost equal to yours, and yet you don’t mention it.’ Mab shrugged and said ‘I got overly excited and simply did not mention it , which is an oversight. You will be given what is due to you when the job is done.’ They both knew what this meant and that by those terms Mab planned to have Nimue killed as soon as the job was done , and as soon as Mab had the means to grab power as she desired to do. They were both clear on this , and each of them knew that the other could not be trusted. Mab secretly believed that if she was not careful that Nimue would stab her in the back before she could do it to Nimue. She thought this over as she spoke and had picked her words for that reason alone.

Nimue quickly said ‘Paid for the job.’ Mab looked at her as though she did not understand the statement. Nimue said ‘You will pay me for the job , and give me the power you promised. You will not give me what is due to me, as we both know what that is.’ She paused for a moment for emphasize and then said ‘You could betray me just like you are betraying the High Council, and I would not put it past you, so I need to know that I will be paid what we agreed on.’ Mab smiled a bit to sweetly and  said ‘The very thought of betraying you never even crossed my mind and I am wounded by the fact that you think I would do such a thing.’ She said this in an overly dramatic way, to make it clear that Nimue was correct in what she believed Mab could do. Mab then said ‘You have my word that you will be paid in full.’ Nimue did not accept this and said ‘I want your word on your Blood Honour, as that is an oath you could not dare break.’ Mab liked how cleaver Nimue is and said ‘You will be paid, given power and made an advisor in my new order. You have my word and my Blood Oath that this will happen, so long as you do the job.’ She stopped to let this sink in and then said ‘You will have real power ,and all you have to do is betray your own kind, side with me and kill for me.’ Nimue knew this and said a bit too quickly ‘Then it shall be done and we have a deal. I will betray my kind for you , and kill the Elder of the High Council as you command.’

Three days and nights passed between the time of that meeting and when Nimue was ready to strike and complete her end of the job. On that night , there is no moon, and Nimue picked this night for just that reason so that her actions would be less likely to be seen. On that night two people walked hand in hand , towards some rather lovely woods, outside of a city, and where no one really travelled at night.  Nimue, being the dark haired beauty that she is had no trouble in getting the Elder to take an interest in her, and had done so three days earlier. All it had taken was a bit of cleavage and some flirting, and now he was putty in her hands. The Elder was no longer a young man , with signs of age showing in his face, so having a young beauty flirt with him, seemed and unlikely thing, but he was not about to turn her away. For three days they had gotten to know each other , and on this night they were taking an evening walk, and having light hearted conversation as they walked along. They Elder seemed to be in very high spirits, and felt better then he had for years as he has Nimue with him and could not wait to be intimate with her. She had suggested that this would be the night for such things, and so he walked on eagerly.  At one point he asked in a gruff voice ‘Where are we going and how much further is it?’ Nimue replied in a gentle way and said ‘We are going somewhere private where no one will bother us, so we can be alone.’ The Elder could hardly wait and the very thought of what was in store for him was getting him excited in a way that he had not felt in years. Nimue tried to remain calm and not let on what her true intentions are and what she had planned for the Elder.

After a time they stopped before a massive tree that seemed to be larger than any other around. Nimue looked at it and indicated that it was where they were going.  The base of the tree appeared to be hollowed out , and it looked like one could fit a small bedroom inside comfortable.  Nimue brought him here just so that she could show him this tree as there is something more to it than meets the eye. The Elder said ‘I have never seen this before and thought I  knew all the trees around here.’ Nimue simply replied ‘That is because it s a secrete and is only known to a few. It is very special and private as no one ever comes here.’ The Elder said ‘It is seems to be the perfect place for tonight and what I have in mind.’ As he said this he reached out and tried to grab Nimue , but she would not let him. She said ‘Lets go inside and get away from prying eyes.’ As she said this she lead him into the hollowed out part of the tree. Inside there was several fits of furniture including a bed , and several chairs that did not seem like they should be there, and seemed out of place. As they entered Nimue said ‘You know I want to make love to tonight , under this tree and in this place.’ The Elder simply smiled and replied ‘I want to take you in this place and make you mine.’ Nimue smiled and said ‘I will give the best night of love making you have ever had.’ The Elder’s eye came to light as she said this and it was clear he wanted to hear more. Nimue said ‘You will never  have a better night of love making as long as you live.’  She smiled and in her mind she knew that it was true as he would not live out the night, and would be death in less than an hour.

As they fully entered the space inside the tree, as they had only been in the entranceway so far, they both took a look around. The space appeared to be bigger than it looked like it could have been from the outside, and seemed very roomy.  At the far end of the room a chair was setup to look like a throne, and this is where the attention of both who entered went.  Nimue said ‘A throne for you are you deserve, and which is quite fitting. You should sit and rest for a few moments.’ The Elder did not argue with this and as he walked up Nimue said ‘This is where you belong , on a throne and seated in a position of importance.’ The Elder sat down, on the throne and said in a passionate way ‘I want you and want to take you right now.’ Nimue was not going to let this happen, at least not yet and replied ‘Soon, very soon, but not just yet.’ Nimue knew she needed a few moments to prepare for what she had to do, and knew that in order to get that time she needed the Elder to not suspect she was up to anything . She had to play along and make it seem like she wanted to make love to him when the idea of this actually repulsed her. In her eyes the one consolation at the moment was that the lighting in the room was dim, and so bad that neither of them could make out the other very well, and so she did not have to look at his face, and the darkness would help to conceal her intentions.

The Elder sat on his throne and waited for Nimue to come to him, as she was across the room, and had not approached yet. When she was ready, which took a few moments she rushed in headlong and simply mounted the Elder and hopped in his lap. She did not really want to do this , but had no real choice in the matter at the moment.  In one quick gesture she wrapped her legs around his back, so that he could not easily move and could not resist her. As she did his she could feel that the man she was sitting on was definitely interested in her, and wanted to do enjoy her in every way he could.  Nimue did not waste time and simply did what she had to do and leaned in to kiss the man, or at least make it look like that is her intent. As she did this she let her left hand caress his cheek, in a way that was meant to be a distraction and was meant to keep him from noticing anything else. Nimue could see that the man was enjoying this and wanted more from her, and so she had to play along.  She leaned in closer and as she did this , the Elder let his eyes close for a moment as he thought that his lips would touch Nimue’s.’ In that moment she acted and let her right hand , which was still free, reach up to her back , and grab the item she had concealed under her shirt, and out of sight. As she grabbed it she could feel the all too familiar feel of the weapon and knew that this would not take long now.  In only moments she would strike and use a true weapon to take the Elder down.

As this happened she leaned I so her head rested on his right shoulder as she whispered something in his ear. She whispered ‘I am ready if you are, and we can begin anytime.’ The Elder was distracted as he was intended to be , and replied ‘Let me take you now. I can’t wait any longer.’ As he said this he tried to move forward and steal a kiss from Nimue, but she was too quick and by the time he got close to her lips she had struck. It took nothing more than a quick motion with her right hand , and in an instant the blow landed. Nimue stabbed the Elder in the neck with something before he could even see what it was or know he was under attack. Nimue used a weapon that is so small that the Elder did not see it at all. As soon as the blow landed Nimue tossed the weapon aside and did not need it any longer as the job was done. She had stabbed him and he would be dead soon, but not from the blow. As she did this Nimue unwrapped her legs from around the man, and made a point of moving off of him and trying to do it in a way that would be painful for him. His attention was still on her and he was aroused by what he thought was coming and which would never happen now. Nimue could feel this as she slid off of him and almost felt bad that she had lied to him and that he would no get the promised love making, but then she realized that she didn’t actually care. He was nothing more than a target to be destroyed and that is what she was doing.

As Nimue stood before him , he asked ‘What are you doing and what have you done to me?’ Nimue could not help but laugh a bit and replied ‘I’m doing what I had to do. Its not like I could ever feel anything for you, or would be interested in a vile creature like you.’ As she said this she leaned down and picked up her weapon, which she held before him, so he could see it. What he saw was nothing more than a long thorn , with a sharp end. Nimue saw his confusion over this and said ‘Nimirapthian Torn.’ The Elder could not believe what he heard , and in that instant he knew he was doomed as there is no cure for the thorn. Nimue said ‘You are now mine, powerless, helpless and paralysised.’ She seemed to be enjoying this as he asked ‘You betrayed me?’ Nimue responded ‘You can’t betray that which you have no loyalty to, and there is nothing binding me to you.’ She laughed then said ‘This was always my goal, and the purpose in flirting with you. I was always planning to bring you here to kill you.’ As she said this she saw fear on the face of the man, but did not stay long enough to see it for long. She exited the tree, and spoke a single word , that when spoken sealed the tree up , so that the entrance that was there a moment before was gone. The Elder was trapped inside the trees and was about to die. A mere moment after the word was spoken a scream of fear and pain echoed from the tree , which was a sound Nimue knew all too well. She said calmly ‘By the way it’s a flesh eating tree, if you haven’t figured that out yet.’ She was mocking him and had fun doing it.

A few moment later a death scream was heard , and she knew that the Elder was death and the job was nearly done. As the scream echoed the tree opened again and cast out the body that it had just consumed.  The corpse fell before Nimue and as she saw this happen the tree shifted and turned back into a normal sized tree , almost as though it had magic. Nimue paid no attention to this and knew the tricks the tree could do to trap prey, and had not time to ponder on it now. She looked at the body before her, which was broken and battered like every bone in his body had been crushed , as that is what happened. Nimue took a moment to reach out and make sure he was dead, just so no mistakes could be made.  Just to be sure, even though she knew he was dead, she pulled out her dagger and stabbed him in the side. When he did not cry out in pain she knew he must be dead. She said in a calm way ‘He’s dead alright  and now the job is almost finished , with only one more thing to do. I need his signet ring.’ She looked down and saw the ring on his hand, but thought ‘It is too much trouble to take the ring off his finger. I’ll just take the whole hand, and that will be good enough.’ As she thought this she let her dagger slice off the right hand of the Elder, which she quickly tucked away and out of sight. She said ‘The Elder is dead, I have his ring and the war will now begin because of this and me.’ Nimue was pleased as she walked off knowing the job was done. As she did this a pair of eyes looked in her direction, which she did not see. They had seen all that happened and knew the truth of what Nimue had done, and how she was starting a way. They had seen it all and now needed to report to the ones who needed to know this, and who would care that a war had just been started by one of their own kind.


End of Prologue


Making out with a girl for the first time is the coolest thing and the second coolest thing is driving home and getting aware of all the parts of your face where she was and tasting her lip balm on your lips. The third coolest thing is outer space.



If you’re lesbian and you fall for a guy
If you’re gay and you fall for a woman
If you’re bisexual and you have a preference for girls
If you’re bisexual and you have a preference for guys
If you’re pansexual and have a preference
What’s not fine is telling someone they can’t love another person because it doesn’t fit into the confinements of a label. 

In order to rise From its own ashes A phoenix First must Burn.


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